At RWi, we share the unique perspective of experience in several important disciplines:

  •         Professional designers/Content Producers/Composers
  •         Hardware integrators/Technical-Broadcast Engineers/Display Experts
  •         IT Pros/Database Admins
  •         Warehousing & Logistics Pros
  •         Professional Installers/Problem-Solvers
  •         Interactive Content and Testing Partners

And offer these goods & services:

  •         Displays, mounts, and channel players matched to your needs, goals, and budget
  •         Custom fixture integration including branding
  •         Installation/Setup/Training including ODBC integration with customer systems
  •         Content design and template/layout creation
  •         Channel & playlist management and supervision
  •         Help desk support

Together we’ll arrive at the right combination of these offerings and help you achieve innovative digital signage done the Right Way.


How can you improve your customers’ experience?
How can you assist your employees serving your customers?
How can you strengthen your brand and bridge your on-line and social media identities?
How can you draw on and incorporate real-time data in your messaging?
How can you consistently communicate with and train staff across long distances?
How can you be sure of the continuity of your messages site-to-site and still allow some local autonomy?
How can you leverage your existing marketing assets & talent into additional outlets?
How can you be sure your efforts are having the desired effects?
How can you be confident that your equipment is installed to be a positive reflection of your brand?
How can you be sure the right content gets to the right screens at the right time?

Answer: “Active Art” Digital Signage from Right Way innovations